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“Another Day” by R. Keith Smith is a collection of stories that focus on the many small moments in life. Whether through whimsy or melancholy, Smith paints a picture with his words to entrance the reader in what otherwise may be seen as just another day. Stories like “Xena a Beer” and “Gurus” are a light hearted read that are equal parts entertaining as they are relatable. Whereas stories like “Black Flower Duet” and “Monet’s gardens” are soaked in mystique and intrigue, leaving the reader to ponder their meaning with tears in their eyes. The finale, “Sunset”, gives the reader a fly on the wall perspective of everyday life - the mundane, dramatic, loving and real. It is an ending that while feeling complete, leaves you wanting the story to continue onto the next day. There is something for everyone in this book. Whether you want to laugh, cry, or meditate on deeper meanings, “Another Day” can provide all of those and more. Take some time to read Another Day and let it help you see the beauty of the small moments in life we all share. 

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